My Medical Team

I’m privileged to have an incredible medical team, which was put together by my amazing, now retired, OBGYN. This is my medical team:

Dr. B-My longtime, recently retired OBGYN, Dr. Bascom.

Dr.H-My phenomenonal breast surgeon, Dr. Hughes.

Dr. O-My internationally known, highly respected, breast cancer oncologist, Dr. O’Shaughnessy. I’m forever grateful to Dr. B and Dr. H for doing whatever it took to get me in as a patient of Dr. O.

Dr. L-My amazing plastic surgeon, Dr. Lemmon.

Dr. D-My awesome radiation oncologist, Dr. Derose.

And, new to the team…

Dr. He-My new OBGYN, recommended to me by Dr. O, Dr. Heckman, who, at my first visit, saw the names of the doctors who make up my medical team and whistled.

Occasionally, I see Dr. O’s NP-Frieda, and if, for some reason, I can’t see Dr. O or Frieda, I see, Dr. P-Dr. Pippen.

Baylor Dallas Charles A Sammons Cancer Center is where I received treatment and where I undergo some of my testing and scans.

Methodist is where all my surgeries take place as well as my radiation treatments and some of my testing and scans.