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On second thought…

I’m not getting the 3D tattoos tomorrow. I decided to cancel the appointment and made another one with a tattoo artist who I saw on an NBC5 news story who does regular tattoos and specializes in realistic 3D areola tattoos. I looked up her work and was hugely impressed. It’s going to cost a lot more than my plastic surgeon’s office, but I’d rather have someone doing this whose life work is tattooing and has a master’s degree in medical illustration.

It’s been a nutty few days. My dad ended up in Baylor Dallas over the weekend. He collapsed at home and had a seizure. My mom rushed him to the hospital where they discovered a 4 cm tumor on the right side of his brain. The good news is it has all the markings of a benign tumor. The bad news is he has a brain tumor. After a fairly fraught few hours, my parents decided to take the watch and see route. He has to take anti-seizure medicine three times a day, can’t drive, and has to see the neurologist for frequent follow ups.

The last three days have been crazy to the point of me just going, “What the hell is next?”


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