Aches In My Joints

I’m not on arimidex, yet. If I stay NED until February 2018, I’ll switch from tamoxifen to arimidex. I know one of the side affects can be painful joints. One of the chemos I was on had joint pain as a side effect. Neulasta had bone pain as a side effect.

My feet, heels, and ankles ache. It’s a long term side effect from my treatments. Standing up from sitting or resting or sleeping can be an exercise in how-can-I-step-without-yelping. Most of the time, I end up grimacing and hobbling.

I’m alive, though, so I’ll take the constant aching and occasional sharp, shooting pain.

Before cancer, I got pedicures once a month or every six weeks. It was just something to do for me every now and then. Now, I get pedicures once every two weeks.  They help with the aches and pain in my feet, heels, and ankles.

It’s also self-care. I’ve begun going to a place that’s impeccably clean and nice. They serve coffee. It’s quiet. It’s relaxing. The last time I was here, the tech commented on how thin my nails are, and when I explained they were recovering, like me, from cancer treatment, she didn’t make me feel awkward. She asked me what kind of cancer and if I’m comfortable talking about it  I told her breast cancer and that I was having a bad day, which was true. She nodded, hit the recline button on the chair, and told me to close my eyes. I did. It was soothing.

It seems silly to spend the money on a pedicure every two weeks, but I have to take care of me, too. It helps my aching feet, ankles, and heels.

It helps me.


1 thought on “Aches In My Joints”

  1. I get monthly massages. I think of them as maintenance now rather than as a luxury like I use to. All of the meridians of the body are reflected in the feet, so extra care of the feet helps the whole body. What a good idea to give yourself those lovely treatments!

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