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Cake balls and Bubble baths

Today has been a fairly decent day. Work went well, A had a great meeting with his boss for his mid year review, the kids had a decent day (AJ got in trouble for talking, but considering the vast improvement in his behavior, I’m ok with it. I got in trouble for talking, too. It’s not the end of the world.). Tonight, I treated myself and the kids to cake balls from Amazeballz (so, so good, and no, I’m not being compensated in anyway for saying this).

Today, I’m grateful for…

1. Resisting the temptation of drinking a Dr. Pepper at lunch. I drank a large bottle of water instead.

2. Coffee. I have a Keurig in my classroom. I use coffee as my sofa replacement. Even using a little cream, it’s still better than soda.

3. My black cat’s obsession with bubble bath bubbles. He swats at them, gets it all over his paws, shakes his paws, and usually ends up with bubbles all over his face.


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