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Gratitude Day 2

It’s been a long…long day. I’ve been home about an hour (it’s 10:00 pm).

I want to keep my promise to myself and the cancer counselor to keep a gratitude journal everyday for a month. So. Here’s what I’m grateful for today:

1. I ran into a former assistant principal I once worked with, who’s now a principal, tonight at a HS basketball game (my school’s team played her school’s team). We talked for awhile about the school she’s principal of, and her love and passion for her school  shined. It was a great way to end a very long workday. I really enjoyed catching up with her.

2. I was late to work this morning. The morning was just chaotic. I fell back asleep after my alarm went off. AJ lost a form he had to have in order to ride the bus, and I had to frantically fill out another one, and of course, as soon as I finished filling out the other one, he found the lost one (it was in his closet because…why not?). My fifteen minute commute took thirty five minutes this morning. I texted a coworker that I was running late and would she unlock my door. When I got to work, my door was unlocked, my lights were on, my door was propped open. All I had to do was flip my computer on. My coworker made a crazy morning way less crazy.

3. I have a job I love. Even on the most stressful days, I know I’m doing what I’m meant to do where I’m meant to be. I’m happy, most of the time, at work. I have awesome coworkers, awesome students, and generally, an awesome time. There are days where I wonder why I’m doing what I do, but inevitably, I come back to the fact that I was born to do what I do. I’m lucky to have found my calling and am able to do what I’m meant to do at a place that lets me teach, try new things, and supports me.


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