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Cautiously Clear

This post remained blank for awhile. I wanted to put an image or something on it, but I couldn’t think of anything to really that visualizes how I feel right now.

It’s weird. I thought I’d feel more relieved.

My phone rang a lot on Monday. My phone rang a lot on Tuesday. Every time it rang, my heart sank a little. But, every time it rang, it was my realtor, who I like a lot and have become friends with, and we talked on the phone a lot on Monday and Tuesday, so my phone did ring, but the name I dreaded on my caller ID was not there.

No calls from Texas Oncology/Dr. O.

Dr. O said if something was on my x-ray, I would hear from her by the end of the day on Tuesday. Me being me, I waited all day today, too, before taking an easier breath. She told me no news would be good news.

I’ve had no news.

I’m cautiously clear.

I hope I didn’t just jinx myself.


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