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My day doing nothing -or my first full day home from the hospital after the DIEP

6 days post DIEP…1 and 1/2 days home

6:30 am: A leaves for work. His parents come over to watch the kids…and me. As A leaves, he tells me to take it easy since I didn’t sleep incredible well last night. (I had a straannngggeee dream where I was back in the ICU. I woke A up around 1 am trying to pull an imaginary oxygen mask off my face and apologizing for throwing the medicine ๐Ÿ˜‚.)

7:00 am: I drink a cup of coffee, take my morning medicine, and eat a banana. Deal with my drains.

7:30 am: I go for a walk.

8:30 am: I decide to rewatch the US Men’s Olypmic Trials because there’s nothing else on any of our other hundreds of TV channels

9:30 am: Don’t feel great…feel run down.

9:50 am: I take a shower. It was harder to shower today. My neck hurts some from the lanyard I use to hold my drains in place while I’m showering.

10:30 am: I tell my mother-in-law I’m going to take a nap and set an alarm for 1:30 pm, the next time I need to take medicine.

1:30 pm: I guess my alarm went off.

3:30 pm: I wake up. Also, I now know how it feels for Satan himself to draw a line of fire across my abdomen. My mother in law brings me a sandwich and medicine.

4:00-5:45 pm: My mother in law and kids hang out in my bedroom with me. AJ proudly shows me all the toy pets he’s collected from The Secret Life of Pets. I ask where he got them. “Happy Meals.” Me: Whatever

5:45 pm: A gets home from work.

6:00 pm: Father in law brings us dinner.

7:00 pm: A tells me I don’t look so hot. I glare at him. He changes his statement to, “You look worn down today.” I glare at him. “You know what, I’m just not going to talk anymore.”

7:30 pm: I tell A I don’t feel as good today as I felt yesterday or Sunday.

8:00 pm: A remakes our bed and puts HGTV on for me as I slowly walk around the house, and by slowly walk, I mean shuffle around using the walls as supports.

Conclusions from my day doing nothing: I feel better when I make myself get up and do stuff. I can’t just chill in bed all day while I’m recovering.

Random observation: My relocated belly button looks like one of those fake wounds people attach to themselves for Halloween. I don’t trust it. ๐Ÿ™‚


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