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We Do What We Want

….within reason 🙂

Found on someecards. No infringement intended.

A is in a work related training all this week and part of this weekend. I have a one-day work training I have to attend this week. Thankfully, one of my BFFs is attending the training on the same day.

When A came home yesterday from the training he’s attending, he sat down beside me and said, “Let’s go for it.”

I gave him a semi-confused look, and he clarified, “The house. Let’s go for it. It’s everything we want. If this year has taught me anything it’s we do what we want within reason, and we want this. We can afford it. No doubts. No looking back. We move forward because we don’t know what’s ahead. We don’t let your fear of history repeating itself stop us from moving forward with our lives. We don’t let other people dictate our choices on this. You loved that house. I loved the possibilities. The kids loved the neighborhood. So, let’s go for it.”

So…we did. We have an agent. Our house is going on the market within the next few weeks, and our new house will be ready in November. It’s a new build and not quite done. We walked one already purchased this weekend. The development has another under construction and no buyer.

They have a buyer now. We put down a deposit yesterday afternoon.

If this year has taught us anything, it’s that anything can happen, good or bad. Yes, I’m TERRIFIED history is repeating itself, and if it is…whatever. I can’t change it. All I can do is roll with it. Still, I’m terrified of it.

We’re making a decision that’s best for us. We have some debt (medical and credit). We won’t if we sell our house. We’ll have no debt but a mortgage and car payments, and our cars are nearly paid off. That’s our compelling reason to make this change. So, we’re doing it.

And, God willing, we’ll be in a new home by Thanksgiving. Our forever home.


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