I guess I missed the memo

Today was “Let’s Remind L She Has Cancer and Might Die Day.” I, apparently, missed the memo.

Overslept because of sheer exhaustion due to not sleeping the last two nights because I’m trying to protect my healing, yet bleeding, burns. -Check!

Heard the words “terminal” and “die” not directed at me but as general examples during a large conversation today more times than I wanted to hear. -Check!

Went to see Dr. D for a skin/burn check and was told to just keep doing what I’m doing and at some point, my skin will completely heal but until then, there’s nothing we can do. -Check!

Yeah…it’s just been that kind of day.




2 thoughts on “I guess I missed the memo”

    1. It is the start of my weekend. I have to go to treatment tomorrow, so I did something I honestly haven’t done since my first chemo treatment: I’m taking the day off to go to treatment instead of rushing to treatment as soon as I can. I did that with my last one, and it was exhausting. That could be, though, because I had radiation at 12, an echo at 1, and infusion at 3 the last time. I had to drive from one end of Dallas County to the other.


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