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I woke up a little late on Friday a week ago, and I decided I just didn’t care anymore what anyone thinks of my hair. So, I went to work without a wig or hat. I threw a wig in my bag, just in case I was uncomfortable.

When the bell rang for the kids to go to first period, one of my students came in as I stood writing on the white board with my back to him. He thought I was a sub until I turned around. He stared at me, I stared at him, and he shrugged. “No one cares what your head looks like, Mrs. V. We’re just glad you’re back,” he told me and wandered over to the coffee maker I keep in my room for us to use.

He read my mind. I was worried I looked silly and everyone would think I looked stupid. But, he was right. None of my students said a thing about it. I got a couple of strange looks, but no more than I get when I wear my black and blue or black and purple wigs to school.

It felt good to be wigless. I like my wigs, but I’m all about comfort right now, and sometimes, my wigs are uncomfortable. I get hot. My head itches. So, on that Friday, it felt good to be wigless at work, and I’ve gone wigless everyday since (at least to work).

The amusing part of my hair coming back is how much darker it is. It’s either black or really dark brown, and my eyebrows don’t match it. At all. I really figured someone would comment on my eyebrows, but no one did. They’re still falling out, so I sucked it up last week, went to MAC, and got an eyebrow lesson and powder. I bought a two-color palette with a medium brown and a dark brown. I’ve been using the medium, but I need to use the dark brown if I’m going wigless.

I don’t know if I’ll go wigless everyday now, but at least I feel like I can.


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