These greeting cards are awesome…

Here’s a simple truth: saying the right thing to someone going through a difficult time, a debilitating illness, or a loss is REALLY hard. We don’t know what to say. So, we either get lucky and say the right thing, or we say the wrong thing and deal with the fallout.

There have been times on the coaster where people, including some I love dearly and am related to by blood or marriage, have said reeeaaaaallllly wrong things to me. Others, got lucky and said the right things. One of my closest friends said the best thing, “This sucks. This all sucks. This is crap. I want to punch your cancer. I’m bringing you dinner.” šŸ˜‚

Even people who know me really well struggle sometimes with the right thing to say. Yesterday, while poking around the Internet, I stumbled upon Emily McDowell’s online studio*full of greeting cards that say things I wish I’d sent to people or that they’d sent to me.

Y’all. Seriously. Go check her cards out. Give the empathy*cards a look and laugh. If you have a snarky, sarcastic sense of humor like me, it’s worth it!

*These are not affiliate links or sponsored links. No one asked me to write this post or post site links. I found the site, I liked the site, the cards made me laugh, and I wanted to share.


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