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Bye Eyelashes…

My bottom eyelashes jumped ship today. It’s the strangest thing to me. I kept my eyelashes all through chemo, but now that I’m nearly two months post chemo, my eyelashes fall out. Really? My top eyelashes have thinned, too.

The pictures above were taken about a month and a half apart. I am three weeks out from my last chemo in the first one. The second one was taken today. I have on mascara in the one from today, but there are no bottom lashes for me to put mascara on like in the first picture, which I took at the end of January. My top lashes are noticeably thinner as well.

I read on a message board it’s not uncommon for eyelashes and eyebrows to fall out long after the last chemo, and that for some, it takes many months for the lashes and brows to come back. Some don’t ever get their lashes and brows back like they were before chemo.

That’s disheartening.

To be honest, I’m really annoyed my eyelashes have thinned and fallen out. I liked my lashes. I liked the way they framed my eyes. I don’t want to wear false eyelashes now. I bought some months ago, prepared for my lashes to fall out during chemo.  I don’t mind wearing false eyelashes. I’ve done it before on special occasions, but I don’t want to put them on every single day. That takes a dedication to getting ready in the mornings that I don’t have. I’m all about maximizing my sleep time and minimizing my hair and makeup time. Back when I still had my hair, if it took longer than twenty minutes for me to wash, dry, and style my hair as well as get dressed and put on a full face of make up, it took too long. Now, I’m spoiled. If it takes me longer than ten or fifteen minutes to get dressed, put on my make up, and put on a wig, rest assured, it took extra time because I either fought with my eyeliner, or I changed my wig a few times.

Since I wear glasses, it’s pretty unlikely most people will even notice I don’t have bottom lashes. I know it, though.

And that annoys me.


2 thoughts on “Bye Eyelashes…”

  1. That is totally annoying! You still have great eyes! Time to watch some fun makeup videos to find ways to highlight your eyes when you have the time or inclination.


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