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Just Whining

I’m exhausted and in pain tonight. I shouldn’t be as exhausted as I am. I slept my afternoon away.

I saw my plastic surgeon this morning for my three week post-op appointment. He said everything looks good and did the final fill on my tissue expanders. The fill hurt. It’s obvious the expanders are full. Tonight, I’m in pain from the fill this morning. Yes, I can manage it, and I will. It’s just one more thing  for me to deal with that I don’t want to deal with anymore.

I see my breast surgeon tomorrow afternoon for the first time since I was released from the hospital, and I meet the radiation oncologist tomorrow afternoon. I’m not looking forward to my appointments tomorrow simply because I’m tired of dealing with this crap. Surgery was supposed to be the ending of the road, not a detour to another long road.

I know most of the way I feel is because I’m tired tonight and because my chest hurts tonight, but at the same time, it’s not just because of those reasons. I really thought this road was coming to somewhat of an end. And, it’s not. So, I’m tired tonight. I’m mad tonight. I’m sad tonight.

I’m all the emotions tonight.


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