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Do you realize your birthday is next week?

I  feel like I need to make a Nic Cage “you don’t say?” meme and carry it around with me for the sheer amount of times I’ve been asked that question this weekend. Then, it’s followed by my all-time favorite question: What do you want for your birthday? I hate that question. 😀 My answer always annoys my family because it’s the typical answer: I don’t know…nothing really.

Not mine. Someecards. No infringement intended.

My birthday is next week, next Monday, to be exact, so naturally, our family is bugging A to find out what I want for my birthday. He cornered me Sunday (like it’s hard to corner someone who’s pretty much stuck in a recliner or on the couch) and asked me for a list. My list made him tear up, which doesn’t happen often.

What do I want for my birthday? I already got it. I’m alive to see 38. If you really want, bake me a tri color cake and some tri color cookies and decorate the house in purple and blue with some pretty flowers. Celebrate the fact I’m alive to see 38.

Everything else is just trappings.


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