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Yesterday, my wonderful substitute texted me to ask if she could come by my house today to drop off a few things. I said sure! I feel some better, and I convinced A to let me be home today by myself. I didn’t mind company today. What I didn’t expect was what she dropped off. imageThese are get well cards from my students. Some are group cards, some are from individuals, some are funny, some are sweet, many say “We miss you,” and some say “come back soon…it seems like it’s been forever.” I read each one of them. And, I cried for each one. I miss my students, too. I miss teaching. I miss my school. I miss my coworkers. I know this is temporary. I know I’ll be back soon. I hope to be back soon.


2 thoughts on “Speechless”

  1. I never realized how much my students cared until I retired mid year. They can really surprise you. Things like what you’re going through affect them very deeply.


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