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The Kindness of Others


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My amazing in-laws have my kids tonight so A and I can really rest. My parents have had the kids on and off since the surgery gone wrong on Wednesday. A’s parents took them early this afternoon and left us orders to rest and enjoy the quiet. That’s what we’ve tried to do. I’ve napped. A’s dozed. We’ve watched TV. A helped me shower, a singularly mortifying experience for me and something he didn’t give a second thought to. When I told him I needed to take a shower and I’d be back, he looked at me like I’d lost my damned mind and made it very clear if I went into that shower without him, I’d have hell to pay. He threw on his swim trunks and helped me.

Last night, my soon-to-be-sister-in-law brought by a gift basket, some flowers, and some balloons. I was asleep when she came by, and I woke up to gorgeous white roses. Another friend left us dinner on our porch with a bouquet of gorgeous pink gerber daisies. My work sent me a gorgeous bouquet of pink roses, day lilies, yellow gerber daisies, and white daisies. The flowers arrangements are one thing making me feel a little better emotionally. I like pretty flowers, when they don’t make me sneeze, and flowers keep appearing, as if they know I need some happy. I know the senders know I’m in desperate need of some happy.

There’s been gift baskets appear, too, but one, in particular, has been the most special. On Tuesday, one of my students came in after school and wanted to know how late I was staying because her mom had something she wanted to bring me. I was staying late because I’d promised my basketball players I’d make it to the games Tuesday night, and I told my student I’d be there for awhile. About twenty minutes later she came in with her mom. Her mom is a breast cancer survivor, and she told me she had a gift basket for me of everything she wished someone had given her or that she had known she would need. She gave me her cell phone number and email address and told me to call, text, or email if I needed anything at all. Then, she went through everything in the gift basket. To say I was shocked by the kindness of a stranger is an understatement. I was and am blown away. I’ve needed, desperately, everything in the gift basket, and I wouldn’t have thought of any of it. The one thing she gave me, though, that has been beyond a life saver has been a Brobe (it’s not an affiliate link…I don’t do that. I don’t know how). She bought me a black one. Today, after seeing how useful it’s been and how soft it is, my mom ordered me the purple one. I’m going to need it for a long while, and it’s the softest, most comfortable clothing I’ve got next to my $5 leggings and my Koalaty hugs nightshirt (it’s the pink one, not the grey, and again, not an affiliate link). The Brobe has pockets for the drains, and that alone has made it worth it. The drains haven’t made me crazy, or aren’t making me crazy, but trying to pin them with safety pins wasn’t working. The Brobe works. I’m so glad someone knew I’d need this and got it for me. She also gave me a soft blanket to curl up with, some burt’s bees lip balm, some wipes, some ointment, a journal, and some cotton adhesive pads if needed to keep the incisions from being irritated. I’m forever grateful to my student’s mom. Her kindness is something I never expected.

The kindness of everyone is something I never expected. A and I are overwhelmed, in a good way, by everyone. This isn’t a road we thought we would travel, and I’m so glad we aren’t traveling it alone. I don’t know how we would travel it alone, and I’m glad we don’t have to find out.

Thank you, everyone. Thank you for your kindness. We’re so grateful to you all.


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