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Earlier this week, we received an email at work telling us there was a three way tie for Teacher of the Year and to vote for one of the three finalists. As this is my first year at my current school, and with everything that’s gone on for me this year, I had zero expectations of even being nominated. I was wrong. In the email, I discovered I am one of the finalists.

One of the career programs at my campus is horticulture. Students have a variety of classes they can choose relating to horticulture from landscaping design to floral design to turf management to agribusiness…and many others. At the beginning of the year, the floral design class delivered bouquets to all the new-to-the-campus teachers. At Christmas, the horticulture students decorated the campus with poinsettias grown by the students.

Thank you floral design students!

Yesterday, the advanced floral design students designed and delivered stunning bouquets to the three finalists. The bouquet is gorgeous. The students who created it delivered to my room and told my class to congratulate me, and they were all, “uhhh…ok why?” I hadn’t told my students I was nominated. So, I told them. They applauded. I cried. *sigh* I’m not a crier, but to be honored by being nominated and honored by being a finalist and honored by the students, I couldn’t help it.

My students and their support has meant so damned much to me as I’ve gone through treatment. They make me feel like Teacher of the Year everyday I’m at school. I love my job. I’m blessed to work where I do and with the administration, faculty, staff, and students I work with everyday.

I’m about to be out for five weeks. Five long weeks away from my job. It’s killing me to know I’ll be away from work that long. I know I have to take care of me. I really do, but I’d rather be teaching.


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