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Wait…what did you say?

I find myself asking that question a lot more often now. “What did you say?” Or “I’m sorry…could you repeat that?” Or “I missed what you said…sorry.”

It’s chemo brain. Straight up, chemo brain. At first, I scoffed at the idea of chemo brain, but after treatments five and six, I’ve noticed some struggles with things I never struggled with before. The most frustrating one is a struggle to find the right word. Sometimes, I absolutely cannot find the word I’m looking for, and it’s so frustrating! Yesterday is a great example.

My childhood BFF had a baby on Wednesday, so I went to see them yesterday. I was talking to her husband about how A can control our heating and air conditioning from his phone via an app and how he can use the Fios app to remotely record shows if he forgot to set the DVR. Here’s the thing: chemo brain struck, and I could NOT come up with ” DVR.” I could come up with cable box and DVD, but I could NOT come up with DVR for a couple of minutes. It’s frustrating. It’s embarrassing. And, it happens to me all the time lately. It’s chemo brain. (Cable box…really? Yeah, that happened.)

I’ve been warned that anesthesia may cause it’s own mental fogginess by others who’ve had similar surgeries to the one I’m facing. That sounds fun.

Cancer sucks. Chemo brain sucks. It can all #suckit. 🙂


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