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What Makes me Happy

I love when we decorate our house for Christmas. This year, A and the kids did all the decorating. The weekend they wanted to decorate was a treatment weekend for me, so I watched and made “suggestions” as to where to put our legion of Christmas decorations.

We decorate with a red and silver theme. I love the color combination. It’s bright, it’s sparkly, and the colors and lights make me happy. This year, S, our artist, decided we needed to add snowflakes and set out to learn how to make some intricate snowflakes. She spent some time on YouTube…then, these appeared on our tree sprinkled throughout the branches.

Not to be outdone by his big sister, AJ made some ornaments for the tree out of pine cones and some puffs he found in my craft table.


By now, most people have their holiday decorations put up, but not us. Yesterday, A took down our outdoor decorations, but he left everything up in the house. I’d be happy leaving the decorations up all year, but A usually wants them put up by now. So, I asked him why he didn’t want to take down our interior decorations, and his answer reminded me how lucky I am to have him. “You need some happy,” was his answer.

He’s leaving them up because they make me happy. He knows seeing the decorations makes me smile. He knows I feel like our house is bare and empty when the decorations come down. He knows there are nights where I sit in the living room and stare at our hodgepodge of ornaments on the tree and remember. Some were made by my grandmother, some were gifts from A’s mom, some A and I bought our first Christmas as a married couple, some our children made, and others are just plain old glass ornaments from Hobby Lobby. There’s no rhyme or reason to the decorations. But, when it’s all together, our house feels happy.

So, our decorations are still up, and there’s no telling when they’ll come down. And that…that makes me happy.


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