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Going Bald

I asked my husband to shave my head tonight. I had a tiny bit of hair left sprinkled around my head, but it was thin and brittle. It needed to go. I needed to let it go. So, I did.

My fear was that I’d look stupid, but I don’t think I do…neither does my husband. He likes it, or so he says, and I believe him. I like it, which blows my mind.


I’m just relieved it’s gone. I’m relieved I had the courage to shave it off. I didn’t have that kind of courage a month ago. I’m relieved my husband did it. I laughed, genuinely, as he buzzed the hair off. It tickled, and I’m ticklish. It made me laugh. It was just comfortable to sit on the edge of the bathtub while he buzzed the hair off. I’m relieved it was easy.

So, I’m bald. I look like a cancer patient.


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